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Visual Maintenance Solutions
The way we work is changing,

and it’s now easier than ever to learn & retain technical information.


At AR4Transit, we believe in embracing cutting-edge technologies to distill complex information in a way that enhances productivity, increases safety, and ensures compliance. As a product of KA Technologies, we combined over 20 years of experience in change management and workforce performance with the latest technology advancements in Augmented Reality and Data Analytics to design a CaaS learning platform that is transforming the way transit operations are learned and implemented.


Simply put, we exist to help frontline workers maximize performance throughout every step of the maintenance operations process. Our team is comprised of AR Developers, Instructional Designers, and Transit Experts ready to provide guidance and insight through the integration process.


The platform features include an all access Content Hub, 3D and AR Work Instructions, as well as Operational Data Analytics to deliver quality insights and continually enhance our learning solutions.


To be the maintenance operations content provider of choice globally.
Subway Tracks

At a glance...

In 2014,

KA created a training course featuring a 3D replica of the hybrid bus. This was used throughout many transit properties to train maintenance professionals on the electrical components of the hybrid system.

In 2018,

The “Learn & Work” model was implemented to provide rich visual context by integrating a 3D component library for trainers, and digital work instructions for frontline workers.

In 2021,

AR4Transit, the world’s first CaaS platform that develops 3D instructions and delivers Augmented Reality content for the Transit Industry, was launched.


Meet the leadership team behind the mission of AR4Transit.
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