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AR4Transit is the world's only Content as a Service (CaaS) platform

that develops and delivers Augmented Reality content for the Transit Industry.

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AR4Transit’s mission is to increase transit workers'

efficiency and performance while leveraging  3D and AR technologies that provide interactive experiences.

We support transit workers through the process of understanding complex maintenance operations and are transforming the way maintenance procedures are learned, implemented, and maintained over time.

Our AR4Transit platform utilizes stepped visual instructions that enhance your team’s performance, ensures safety, compliance, and overall process improvement.



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3D Modeling

Despite the age of the equipment, the condition, or the complexity, we can revitalize legacy components and make them part of your more modern, digital asset library.

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Dynamic movement of parts & components aide students in comprehension of complex
operational functions resulting in accelerated learning.

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Interactive Simulations

Mechanics and maintenance professionals are adept at hands-on learning. Interactive simulations are immersive and provide the opportunity for safe practice to maximum understanding and safety.


Digital Work Instructions

Sequential, step-by-step, directions designed by subject-matter-experts, provide each member of your team with the most productive way to perform a repair.


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All-Access Content Hub

The AR4Transit CaaS platform is accessible across a range of devices and media, for 24/7 content access at your fingertips. 

Digital Work Instructions

With the increasing demands of technology on maintenance operations, users now have access to 3D and AR work instructions, delivered in a user-friendly model.  

Data Analytics

Operational data analytics are filtered through the AR4Transit platform to deliver quality insights geared toward process improvement, industry compliance, and user feedback to continually innovate and enhance our learning solutions.

Digital Collaboration

Use the platform to access and leverage the collective knowledge of your team. 

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Take the guesswork out of complex processes.


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